Die to Self to Live Beyond Yourself

Im sitting here at my uncles funeral and as I look around at all the people in attendance. I can only conclude, that at the end of your life no one is going to care how many cars you had, how big your house was or how many vacations you took annually.

The only TRUE thing that will remain, is LOVE!





Enjoy the Process

Times get tough… The pitfalls in life are inevitable. That’s why you have to learn to enjoy the process. It’s the process that makes you stronger as a human.

Stay around positive people and keep negative people out of your ears. Protect your ears, mind, heart and dreams and position yourself to stay INSPIRED by an means necessary.

My life hasn’t always been easy, I’ve fought through a variety of tribulations. I’ve dealt with everything from family to financial. But I’ve learned to trust God regardless and do my best to learn from my mistakes, experiences and embrace advice and good counsel.

I’ve concluded, it’s not what happens to you that destroys your enthusiasm about who you are and what you’re doing, it’s your mindset in regards to those tribulations.

Renew your mind daily and learn to enjoy the process.



Demand your Hope

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, hope fulfilled is a tree of life.  No matter where you’re at in your life right now I believe you have an opportunity to change your route. Don’t let the stupid people of this world detour you from success.  

Many of you have a hope and you live daily expecting the hope you have to manifest. However, with good intentions and motives you are still living life with a hope unfulfilled.  What I have experienced is that you have to put a demand on your hope; meaning you have to work at it.  You have to dream, plan and execute.  Faith without works is dead! Nothing great comes easy.  So stop wasting time waiting on a church like hope and put a demand on it.  

Let’s make some stuff happen, lets change lives and create a better future for those who follow our leadership.  It’s your responsibility to be the type of person you always wanted someone to be to you.

If you have problems with the status quo, then become the change you desire to see in the world.  If you’re looking for love; you love first.  If you looking for support; you support first.  If you desire community change; you go and find feasible ways to impact the community.

Dream Big,


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If you believe in it.. FIGHT FOR IT!!!

You’ve been blessed with many talents, skills and abilities. You have the opportunity to achieve your greatest levels of success. That may look different depending on where you come from in life.  However, the context of your past does not determine your future.  The context of your past gives you the courage and strength to pursue relentlessly towards your future.  A lot of you have experienced pain, loss, adversity and tragedies.  However, its the purpose within the pain gives you the strength and courage to fight for a better future to inspire and empower individuals who have experienced the same setbacks within the context of life you came from. If you believe in it… then FIGHT FOR IT!! Do not let another opportunity slip past you.

  • Learn from your history…
  • Grow where you’re planted…
  • Find someone who believes in you…
  • Document your ideas…
  • Make every effort to assume and expect the BEST in life.

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Becoming A Leader of STRENGTH

Becoming a Leader of STRENGTH is simply… TAKING ACTION.. on the things that are valuable to you..in pursuit of your DREAMS...

  • Taking control of your health and fitness..
  • Pursuing the people and resources to fulfill your DREAMS.
  • Planning your journey accordingly.
  • Standing FIRM when STORMS arise in your life.

You are the LEADER OF YOUR STRENGTH.. You are the driver towards your DESTINY.  

You have to remember that NOTHING GREAT COMES EASY… It’s time NOW that you take your stand and push towards what you desire most.. You have to FIGHT for it and I believe you have the courage and STRENGTH to accomplish it.  Your GREATNESS cannot remain a secret any longer.  I love what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says, “No matter what I’ve been through, I believe that God still has a DREAM for me.”

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Becoming a Leader of Strength


I am often NOT prepared… YES, I said it and many of you aren’t either.  For those of you who are ambitious, driven and have big DREAMS.  Planning is critically important if you desire for your dreams to manifest.

PLAN your SUCCESS! I can trace most of my failures in my life back to a lack of planning.  You can have the biggest dream and have a wealth of connections, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to plan or what to plan for.  I can admit I struggle in this area just because details aren’t my passion.  But you will get to a point in your journey where you will have to incorporate and enroll others into your vision.

Plan Your Tomorrow BEFORE YOU LIVE IT…



The Dream is NOT always EASY

There are billions of people on planet earth.  The reality is that you were born to do something significant before you leave the earth.  We’ve all been dealt different hands in life and some still have yet to see the GREATNESS from within.  Life can be difficult sometimes, but you have to want to position yourself for success.  Life is about positioning and preparing yourself to MASTER YOUR GIFT.  Positioning yourself to learn and grow and to develop skills and abilities to excel at your gift.  A guy by the name of Jimmy Bratcher said, “The Will of God is not knowledge, its discovery.”  That statement changed my life, because every step of the way whether you know the direction or not. God continues to reveal His plan to you and for you.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am worth it and that God has an awesome plan for my life. Sometimes you have to reaffirm yourself in the Lord.  Stop waiting on others to approve you and approve yourself because God has already approved you.  I know you have a big dream, but it is NOT always EASY! Stay focused and keep God the center of your dreams.